5 Feel-Good Bathroom Design Ideas You Won’t Find on Pinterest

5 Feel-Good Bathroom Design Ideas You Won’t Find on Pinterest

Like everyone else, we love searching through Pinterest for new bathroom design ideas.

We totally gush over the infinite beautiful spaces one can find so easily.

However, not all decisions can be inspired by these perfectly curated photographs. We want our clients to feel good in their spaces and getting the aesthetics right is just a small part of it.

Here are five elements we find are key when renovating a bathroom you’ll enjoy spending time in—whether it’s just to brush your teeth or to treat yourself to an at-home spa evening!

1. Heated Floors

There are very few tiled spaces we won’t insist our clients get heated floors for. You can’t see them but it’s a decision you’ll be thankful for every day or otherwise might regret just as often.

Comfort is key and we don’t want our clients hurrying up to leave their gorgeous bathroom because of lack thereof.

Heated floors not only fix the issue of cold tile against your feet but also depending on your needs can heat your room and in a much more even way versus other heating methods.

Heated Floors Bathroom Tile Hb Design Inc
Design by HB Design

2. Hidden Storage

We understand clutter can make us feel stressed, so let’s try and keep things zen with smart storage. Leave fewer, more purposeful areas for curated items that make us happy—not toothpaste and creams.

Our favourite way to do this is with a medicine cabinet as it’s almost always possible to include, even in the tightest bathrooms.

If you opt for a recessed medicine cabinet, it might appear as a simple mirror but really will be saving you from crowding your vanity’s countertop.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Mirror Hb Design
Design by HB Design

3. The Quietest Bathroom Fan

A bathroom fan might be the last thing on your mind—it is a product you’ll ask your contractor to get for you like glue and plywood.

But beware: Sure, maybe they’ll make a great product recommendation but it’s just as possible they’ll pick up the most cost-efficient one, worried you might not understand the value difference of a higher-end product.

The best ones on the market are super strong and will leave you wondering if they’re on—that’s how quiet they are. If it’s not noisy, there are more chances you’ll use it often enough for it to keep your bathroom moisture-free and avoid issues down the line.

Bathroom Design Hb Design Inc Montreal Canada
Design by HB Design

4. At Least Two Types of Lighting

Yes, light fixtures can add a ton of personality to any room but more than that, we want the lighting to cater to your different needs.

In bathrooms, we think of both general lighting and accent lighting. We plan out your lighting circuits so you have the flexibility of adapting it to different tasks or times of the day.

Our favourite less expensive lighting options are makeup mirrors with integrated lighting and under vanity lighting for those midnight trips to the bathroom.

We are also obsessed with dimmer switches for a calmer ambiance.

Lighting Options Bathroom Renovation Hb Design
Design by HB Design

5. Layout + Flow

As designers, we start every project with well thought out floor plans, respecting our clients’ goals as well as standard ergonomics.

Nothing makes us cringe more than a bathroom with an awkward flow that feels totally unnatural to use and sometimes even impossible to use properly. This is one of the main reasons it’s difficult to apply Pinterest photos to your home without laying out what is actually possible in your own space.

Hb Bathroom Design Layout
Design by HB Design

Although our specialty is full design and our clients usually hire us because they connect with our portfolio, we also offer our services for the planning phase only. We do this for the very reason that, without a good floor plan, good design is not possible.

If your budget is tight for working with a design professional, this is the first and most important place we recommend you spend it!

Ready to get started on updating your home? Contact us!

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  • Nicole
    | 19 February 2021

    Thank you for the reminder that we need multiple types of lighting! Our current bathroom only has overhead lighting and it is unflattering to say the least.

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