A better design for Mères avec Pouvoir

A better design for Mères avec Pouvoir

Have you heard of Mères avec pouvoir ? This Montreal non profit organization welcomes low-income single-parent women with their children to support them in their personal, professional, social and family development. We wanted, in our own way, to contribute to this project, whose values ​​and mission are very close to our hearts.

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Mères avec Pouvoir’s approach is absolutely inspiring: helping women develop their power to act according to their needs and their life trajectory. The organization provides them with accommodation, offers a place in a childcare center for their child and supports them through various means of intervention. These women also have access to common spaces to participate in meetings and workshops, or to study while their children are having fun.

Before connecting with Mères avec Pouvoir in April 2020, the center’s common spaces were unfortunately ill-suited for families. This is where we wanted to make a difference. The objective was to rethink the living areas so that they perfectly meet the needs of mothers and their children. The planning was therefore done in collaboration with the members of the organization so that they define the places where our work would have the most impact.

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Renovation of two spaces

Shortly after reaching out to the organization, we began the process to create a brand new design that was both practical and aesthetic and called on several valuable collaborators for the realization as well as the finish. Two main areas have been renovated. The first is a common area which is accessible at all times to mothers and their children and which includes a play area, a study area, a laundry area and a powder room. The second is a kitchen and a meeting place for workers and families during workshops and meetings.

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We also wanted to improve general lighting. The lighting was previously either too powerful from neon lights or too dim from garden string lights in an effort to providing a softer lighting option. In short, proper lighting was essential. We had recessed pot lights installed, offering a much more adequate lighting. Adding a cook was also a must for workshops and group meal preparation. Storage spaces have also been fitted out, which now makes the living areas more uncluttered and orderly.

Our financial and service contribution as well as that of our collaborators, which totals just over $ 40 000, has improved the physical space of Mères avec Pouvoir. If this initiative has made it possible to offer a more ergonomic and inspiring place to the families and workers who use it, we are delighted!

Thank you to our partners without whom this charitable renovation project would not have been possible :

  • Catherine Deschambault, general contractor at Construction Deschambault, and her team of two carpenters, in collaboration with Simon, general contractor at Doyle & co and two electricians from MB Électrique ;
  • Jessica, interior designer at HB Design for donating a washer and dryer, as well as a desk chair and storage unit ;
  • Salomon, general contractor at iBuild for installing the countertops ;
  • Geneviève Perron for the kitchen backsplash installation.

For more information about Mères avec Pouvoir, see meresavecpouvoir.org.

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